The Committee

President Lisa Lambert
Vice President Jim Davis
Secretary Debbie Sanders
Treasurer Nicola Caldow
Registrar Kate Williams
Assistant Registrar Unfilled
Grants Officier Mark Kearns
Umpire Coordinator (city) Jackie Pettit
Umpire Coordinator (suburbs) Kaylee Scholefield
Coaches Coordinator Michelle Richter
Match Allocation Coordinator Helen Massey
Selections Coordinator Michelle Richter
Open Teams Coordinators Unfilled
Score Card CoordinatorAnge Dundon
Fundraising/Social coordKerry Bubner
Stall Coordinator Unfilled
Equipment/First Aid/Uniforms Becc Field
Website Coordinator Keryn Harris
Child Safe Officer Michelle Nagel
Member Deb Smart
Member Sally Moore
Member Anna Davis
Member Pina Condo
Member Kirsty Bartel
Member Vicki Blackman
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